Sepang Malaysia Race

#Livio Loi P4:

P4 after a strong race in hot and humid conditions.I came close to the leading group in the few last laps. Because my tyres began to drop 2 laps before the finish,I was unable to push further. With this result I'm now in 12th place in the championship only 1 point behind Bulega.Now up to Valencia for another strong performance and the goal to move to place 11 in the standings.

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Sepang Malaysia Day2

#11 Livio LOI – 7th (2’13.311):
“It was a positive qualification, it was only in the final meters for a rider who slowed down in traffic in the first two areas. It cost me to pass it and I lost those ten precious ones. All in all, with the gridpenalty of Jules Danilo I can take-off from the 2nd row tomorrow and that is not bad at all.”

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Sepang Malaysia Day1

#11 Livio LOI – 3rd (2’13.437):
“It was a good day because in the FP1 we have always been one of the top riders and I kept a good pace. Only at the end of the session I stumbled into a small slip because I was pushing to the limit to improve my chrono. The feelings are good, but in the wet we can still improve, especially for the back. Tomorrow we’ll be looking for a solution and I will do my best.”

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Philip Island Race

#Livio Loi P2:

The last weeks it was not easy for me. Getting back on my bike after my colarbone injury the race in Japan was very difficult.Here in Australia in FP1&2 it was hard to find a good setting and to feel confortable on the bike.We worked hard to make progression in FP3 and Qualifying but the results were not as hoped. The WarmUp in wet conditions resulted in a highsider which did me almost lost my confidence.

For the race I was focussed to make a good start and to fight my way up to the front of the field.After a few laps my confidence was grown and the bike feld so good I knew I could do it.

Starting from 21nd on the grid and finishing 2nd was way beyond my opinion,but this feels so good that I'm hungry to go one step higher on the podium in the upcomming races.


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Philip Island Day2

#11 Livio LOI – 21st (1’38.386):
“We’ve come a long way, the feeling with the bike has improved a lot. I missed only the ideal lap in qualifying: just when I had to push with the new rubber, it started raining. Tomorrow I’m confident, I can get to the Top 10!”

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Philip Island Day 1

Livio's release of day 1 @ Philip Island
#11 Livio LOI – 25th (1’39.197):
“It was a pretty hard day for me, we still did not find the right direction; we have to work hard and try to do better.
The pressure I get on my shoulders with steering in to the turns doesn't make it easy for me.I will visit the Clinica for a good treatment so it will go better tomorrow.

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Motegi Japan Race

A very difficult race with some problems. My focus was to make it to the finishline without crashing. There was more to lose than to win today.... Can't wait to start the weekend in Australia on Friday and finally have a dry track

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Motegi Japan Day 2

#11 Livio LOI – 16th (2’10.877):
“We’ve improved a lot in qualifying: the afternoon feelings were clearly better for me. As the track went dry, I felt my sensation on the bike growing; we still have to work on the front to make a further step, hoping in these conditions even tomorrow.”

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Motegi Japan Day 1

#11 Livio LOI – 24th (2’12.909):
“A first day with the rain. At the beginning of the FP1 it was a bit odd for me: it was the first time I was riding in the saddle after the collarbone injury. But I managed to improve on all the laps and finally I managed to keep a good pace. In FP2 we made a couple of changes but there was very little grip. We hope tomorrow at least one session will be in the dry.”

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Misano Day 2

This morning in FP3 it went quit well with a P10 at 0.782 from P1. We knew we had still to improve for qualifying and we prepared for this.

In the qualification my rhythm was good and for the final lap I was fast behind Rodrigo but in the last corner the back of his bike slided away and spinned in front of me and there was no way to avoid me from crashin' into his bike. I was launched into the air and smashed very hard on my bike and the surface. It left me with a broken left collarbone. No race for me tomorow and I hope to be back in Aragon in 2 weeks.

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Misano Italy 1st Day

#11 Livio LOI – 11th (1’43.637):
“I had a good feeling in both sessions. In FP1 the track was not really the best because of the weather conditions, while in the FP2 on the dry we were with the top five from the start. We tried some modification with the tyres, but unfortunately I was bottled in a group and could not find the perfect time. Let’s see what can be improved: we are ready for tomorrow!


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Silverstone UK Race

#11 Livio LOI – 6th:
“It was a very difficult race, we were in a big group. All the laps were really difficult,but I could fight me to the front and even take the lead a few times. I had a few plans in mind for the final lap.Too bad for the red flag situation, because I could win the race. In the last lap I had the margin! I would like to thank my family and the whole team: we did a great job this weekend.”
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