Mugello Day 1

Livio Loi | 1’59.031 | P25

“It was a difficult day. We need to improve my feeling for the bike and to find a solution for tomorrow. My biggest problem is the corner exit. I am not bad on the brakes, but we have to improve corner speed because this is where we lose a lot. This evening, we are going to analyse everything in order to find a solution and to be more competitive in qualifying

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Le Mans Race

Livio Loi | P21



“I was given a “ride through”, but I am not sure that I made a jump start. I will watch it later, but I really don’t think so. At least I am not aware of it. I started when the lights went out. But we have to accept the decision. Before the penalty, I think I rode a good first part of the race. Later, I was right on the limit because I ran into problems with the gear changes. Without all of that, I am sure I would have been able to score a few points, but it wasn’t meant to be. Now we will continue to work towards the next race at Mugello.”

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Le Mans Day 2

Livio Loi | QP | 1’43.087 | P21


“Things didn’t go as planned because I lost a lot of track time. We weren’t sure about the tyre choice and as a consequence I didn’t ride in the best way. In the second part of the qualifying session, I managed to use the tyres better and I was within the strongest group of riders. If I had been able to string a good lap with my best partial times together, I would be much more towards the front on the starting grid. We have the speed and the right way of riding and if we continue to work hard tomorrow and try a few more things, I should be able to fight for a good result.”

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Le Mans Day1

Livio Loi | 1’43.354 | P16



“We had a really good day. I did many good laps and enjoyed the perfect weather conditions. Towards the end, we tried a few things with the tyres. The bike feels good and I feel confident for tomorrow. Now we just have to stay on track for the rest of the weekend.”

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Jerez Race

Livio Loi | P18

“This weekend was very difficult for me. In the first lap I lost a lot of time because several riders hit me and, then it was very tough to recover the gap with the front group and fight for the top 10. It was a weekend to forget and now we have to work harder. We need to get back and show our real potential.”

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Jerez day 2

Livio Loi | 1’47.763 | P28


“We are still in the same situation and we can’t move forward and improve. I was confident for today and hoping to get more comfortable on the bike to improve my pace and get closer to the top, but it was not possible. Tomorrow I hope to get a new opportunity during warm-up and find something that gives me an extra boost to go faster.”

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Jerez Day 1

Livio Loi | 1'49.629 | P30


“Today was very difficult for us. We need to see what happened today. Now we have to work and try to find a solution. Tomorrow will be a new day, but we have to be much more competitive to be with the front runners. Qualifying session makes the difference for the race. We need to get closer to the front and for that we have to work very hard.”

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Austin Race

Livio Loi / P10


“It was a crazy race because I had to start from the last row of the grid and I had to push very hard in the first few laps. I was ready to fight and, at one point, I was in sixth position. I almost was with the front group but, I had problems with the front brake in the last six laps and I couldn’t brake hard. It was a good race, but without that little issue, I think I could have done even better. I want to thank the hard work of my team has and also Zelos. The next race will be the Spanish Grand Prix and and I’m looking forward for a great result in my team’s home race.”

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Austin Day 2

Livio Loi | 2'21.279 | P26



“I am very disappointed. I was very fast with rain tyres and I felt really comfortable. But when I came in for my tyre change, there was only time left for two more laps and I couldn’t get the maximum out of the slicks. Now I am way back on the grid, which is a shame. But there is still hope: We were fast in dry and in wet conditions and I am confident that I can recover many positions and show our real potential in the race.”

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Austin Day 1

Livio Loi | 2’18.339 | P9


“Today we work quite a lot and we focused in some areas that we need to improve for tomorrow, because we are loosing some tenths in some important areas in the circuit. I think that we can improve a lot and, we have to keep trying more things to move forward. The track today was not in perfect conditions, but every lap I felt more comfortable and tomorrow I’m confident for qualifying.”

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Argentina Race

Livio Loi | P15


“ This morning the warm-up was very difficult because of the conditions. I wasn’t able to start the race with the best feelings, but then I was improving lap by lap and at the end I was in a group fighting for tenth place. But Jorge Martin passed me and I was forced to go to the wet part of the circuit, the front closed and I nearly crashed. Three or four riders overtook me and I lost several positions on the last lap. These things can happen. It’s a shame because we could have done it much better.

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Argentina Day 2 QP

Livio Loi | 1´55.458 | P16


“There were very strange conditions during the qualifying session and we couldn’t do it perfect in all sectors during a single lap. At the end of the session it started to rain just when I was ready to go out with new tyres. The 16th place is not our real position. But I’m calm and motivated because we have a very good set-up for the race. We are strong and tomorrow we need a good start and then we’ll try to fight at the top."

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