CIV Supersport 300 Misano

Gepubliceerd op 29 juli 2019 om 22:32

This weekend I got a wildcard entry in the Italian CIV competition SuperSport300 class.

Because I was dropped in the WorldSuperSport300 series a few weeks ago,I had only a very short time to get to know this bike and the team. So we took this opportunity in the Italian series to get more experience on this new bike and to work on the set-up for the opcoming events. We made good progress with the bike and I had the chance to battle with other riders out of the WorldSuperSport who compete also here.

In the 1st race on Saturday,wich was Red Flagged due to the weatherconditions,I finnished 3rd.

The second race on Sunday,also interrupted by a Red Flag and then restarted,I took the victory.

Due to the wildcard entry,I have been withdrawn from the final results.


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