Assen Holland June 25

Gepubliceerd op 25 juni 2017 om 23:49

Livio's release of the Assen TT:
We spent the 1st day trying out different things and looking for new solutions. We finally found the direction to take. It was a useful and profitable day, in essence we learned a lot from the bike. Although in the end the time was not ideal, I’m happy for the feeling. We can still improve tomorrow, I want to thank the whole team for today’s job.”
Satuday the rain was not my favourite, but this morning’s session did not go bad. The Qualifying was a disaster: with the new tyre I had no grip. Too bad, because I was doing a good rhythm and I had my best time alone.”
Sunday it was a very difficult race, already in the first laps I lost many positions. After that I was struggling to find the rhythm and I had no grip at the back. I could not push hard in the home race. It’s a shame because the overall weekend was not so bad.”